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Top Tips & Thoughts
by Janet Torley on 04/03/2018
Me too and why it matters. Why would new clients and customers what to buy from you?
by Janet Torley on 05/02/2018
Simple steps you can take to make sure that you reach as many of the right people as possible to sell your product or service to
by Janet Torley on 14/01/2018
Thoughts on getting your product offering right for small business
by Janet Torley on 30/05/2017
You are competing with goldfish to grab your prospects attention. Her'es how to get it in less than 6 seconds
by Janet Torley on 04/05/2017
How big business now market using small business strategies and how to make it work for your business
by Janet Torley on 13/02/2017
Tips for small business owners sending out email marketing campaigns
by Janet Torley on 31/01/2017
How to profile your customers so that you can market to them accurately and with results
by Janet Torley on 23/01/2017
Closing the business door needn’t be the end. I’ve been there and done that too and how relieved I felt when I actually did it.
by Janet Torley on 16/01/2017
Promoting your business is about having your business consistently in front of your target audience so that when they are ready to buy your product or service, they will think of you.
by Janet Torley on 09/01/2017
I’ve just come across a really well written article with a superbly contentious headline by a good business friend of mine. I disagree with it completely